Results for the 4th National Creative Writing Contest

The Sun Yat-sen University Center for English-language Creative Writing is pleased to announce the results of the 4th National Creative Writing Contest.

We received many wonderful submissions this year. The winners are more than just stories--they are exquisitely crafted reflections on family, self, and nation. All three pieces show a strong grasp of prose technique (writing in summary and in scene, with striking, memorable details throughout). But the most exciting aspect in all three of these stories was their unique approach to history.

Our third-place winner, “Night to Dawn,”by Jason Zhou (周宇轩), offers a biography that doubles as a history of twentieth-century China. It is a swift-moving but deeply-informed work that manages to communicate a great deal in its small confines. “Live, Love, then Leave,” our second-place winner, by Yueran Wang (王悦然), is an attentive, expertly patterned story of family: a complex reflection on the reasons for living and for letting go. And our first-place winner, Dazheng Gao's (高大正) “A Modern Impromptu: allegro non troppo,” encapsulates—through vivid details, astute philosophical musings, and numerous allusions—not only a personal story, but an artistic heritage as well.

Each of these pieces serves as an example of a literary artist drawing on the complexities of experience to make a unique individual statement. We would like to thank the winners of the contest, and indeed all the wonderful writers who contributed. We would also like to thank our judges, Kat Morris and Justin Chandler, two graduate students in creative writing at Miami University, USA.